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First Time driver Insurance can be cost due to the risk is greater. This is because statistics show that younger drivers are more likely to have an accident than older drivers, so it's vital that you get the necessary cover. However, the costs can be brought down, and we have got the cheapest company on the market, guaranteed

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First Time driver Insurance Money-Saving Tips

Insurance Money-Saving Tips- Young and 1st time drivers, How to keep your insurance premiums low

So you've concentrated, learn your highway code, exhausted your savings on numerous driving test and test exam, passed! You're excited, full of enthusiasm, mum and dads promised you a car if you went to college or university, and you got it, now for the biggest hurdle of them all, First Time driver Insurance. How can you afford to insure your pride and joy, and get that car out of the driveway and onto the road?

We've compiled a 5 top tips, on how to keep your premium premium lower if you're a first time driver. If you take on the following points, we'll be sure to give you a quote that is one of the most competitive in the market place.

The bad news (especially if your male), young and 1st time drivers are statistically a higher risk, and most insurers will put a hefty loading on your premium for this reason alone.
The good news is,

First Time Driver Insurance and why it's needed

Insurance Do not Leave Home Without it!
Here is our list of recommendations to help keep your premium low.

Type of car

As a teenager, growing up with a supercar picture on you wall, we all want one. So if you wish to drive down the price of your First Time driver insurance premiums, then do not choose a high power engine, 'Hot Hatch' (2 door VW golf, Peugeot) or luxury car as your first vehicle. Expensive cars with large engines will make them a much higher risk to insurance companies. We'd recommend buying a car that has a smaller engine size, and is of a standard model, and free of modifications. A 3 or 5 door hatchback in around the 1 Liter capacity, or a car in the insurance below group no. 4 may be best for you.

Drive down your premium

Avoid buying older cars too
Because a car is older does not mean your First Time driver insurance quote will be cheaper! Some older cars need a lot of car and attention, and often cause First Time drivers to be out of pocket repairing them. Picking up an old car, with a big engine for a First Time driver will cause your insurance to go through the roof!

Get third party fire and theft cover. Third party cover is the minimum amount of cover you need to have to legally drive on the road. This type of cover will protect you against damage to other people's property or injury you may cause to them.

Remember, it does not cover any accidental damage you may cause to your own vehicle.

Clean is Good

Be sensible and drive safely, keep a clean license, and avoid penal points or convictions. Any points or convictions incurred, relating to speeding no insurance or even dangerous driving will unduly influence your premium.

If you keep accident & claims free for the duration of the cover, when you renew your insurance you will be entitled to a 'No Claims Bonus' discount for the previous year of safe driving.

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