Lowest Auto Insurance Rate – What Are the Determining Factors in a Low Auto Insurance Rate?

Q: What factors play a role in determining how low an auto insurance rate can be?

A: The lowest car insurance rate is determined by many factors. These include your driving history, what kind of car you drive, what part of the country you live in, your financial status, your credit rating, and your insurance history among other things. You may wonder why your credit rating or marital status is involved in determining your insurance rate, but it is all done according to statistical analysis.

For instance it has been proven that married females, over the age of twenty-nine, who have excellent credit, are less likely to be involved in an accident. The insurance companies use these statistics to determine how much a policy will cost. Remember no insurance company is in business to save you money, they are all in business to create revenue for themselves. This does not mean that they do not want to do a good job for you, but it does mean they would probably do a good job for them.

If you realize this before looking for the best auto insurance rate, it will be easier to understand why your insurance quote may be higher than you thought it would be. We highly recommend that you search around and compare quotes online from a variety of different providers. Doing this will save you money in the long run on insurance premiums, and ensure that you receive the best possible coverage in return. Good luck with your search!

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