Mental Adjustment When Facing Adversities in Insurance Selling

You called the leads. You made numerous appointments and presentations. You went door to door to do cold canvassing. You tried direct mailings. You worked on every sales approach you could imagine. Yet, you did not make a single sale.

In insurance selling, the amount of daily rejection you get could actually break you and paralyze you. We naturally experience frustration when we are rejected. We could get wrapped up in pain and feelings of being defeated.

How can we change this? Our behaviors are always the outcome of our thoughts and emotions. We can detach ourselves from anticipating difficult emotions by directing our attention to something else or by relocating ourselves in a new context.

Our ability to respond effectively to adversities determines our degree of success. The following are things you can do to:

(a) Believe that all setbacks are only temporary

We experience momentary setbacks as we pursue success. A setback is only a temporary deterrent and not an ultimate defeat. How we perceive setbacks determines whether we give up or step up when facing challenges.

(b) Every failure is a lesson

Failure is neither a mistake nor a loss but an experience that provides information leading to solutions. Always take a gain from our losses, a lesson, or an inspiration and move on. In life or in any endeavor, the journey is the reward.

(c) Replenish yourself

Insurance selling is an endurance test with a lot of disappointments and setbacks. You have to nourish your mind if you want to outlast the test. Learn as much as you can from your associates who have walked this path before you.

(d) Revisit your inner strength

Believe in yourself, your confidence will fuel you with immense amount of strengths to overcome challenges in your sales business. Switch from resisting your fear to embracing your fear, learn to cope with it.

(e) Be perseverance

The more rejections you get, the closer you are to making a sale. Sales is a numbers game. Knowing that every rejection brings you closer to a "yes", you will be less likely to get discouraged.

(f) Get some exercise

One effective way to temporarily move away emotional distress is to do physical fitness exercise. Physical stamina improves sense of well being and emotional stability.

(g) Keep yourself busy with sales activities

Call the people, see the people, hand out your business cards, shake their hands, look at them and talk to them. If the prospect is not ready to make the purchase, move to the next one.

(h) Do not lose sight of your goals

When you set a goal, you need to see yourself achieving it. No matter how many setbacks you have, hold that vision. Your vision and your goals are the reason for you to keep working. Focus on the income you want.

(i) Insulate yourself form negative input

Negative input can disable you. It promotes fear, anger and hurtful feelings. Associate with positive people. Program your self talk and thinking. Read articles and listen to songs that motivate and inspire you.

Feelings drive behavior. You may not be able to control your environment but you can control your reaction. It is how you choose to interpret an event and react to a situation that decides whether you are a victor or a victim of a situation.

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